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How to access a shared email account in Outlook.
How to add a network printer in Windows.
How to adjust the arrangement of displays and have them show different windows.
How to adjust the arrangement of displays and have them show different windows.
Let other people see your work calendar so they know when you are free for meetings or out of the office.
Antivirus information.
Information about the migration away from Box.
How to tell if a password change email is official and how to change your password.
How to connect to the Windows server Athens from a Mac computer.
How to connect to the Windows server Kiev from a Windows computer.
How to create and share a folder with others via OneDrive on-the-web, OneDrive for Windows, and OneDrive for Mac.
Students, faculty, or staff that leave Penn State will lose access to all work and files saved in applications like Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint and all other Office 365 apps other than Outlook Web Access 14 days after their departure.
How to map a server network drive to your Windows computer.
A general overview of the IT services provided for PRI.
Instructions for connecting to Penn State's Wireless network.
PRI computer lab policies that all users must follow.
In order to use University owned IT equipment (desktop, laptop, monitor, etc.) outside of the University, you must first complete a Request for Authorization to use University Tangible Assets at a Non-University Location form.
Basic instructions to sign in to and use Zoom.
How to share and access shared email folders in Outlook / Office 365.

You can manually search for and add a shared resource calendar (conference room calendar, etc.) to Outlook that you have permission to see.

How to sign into your Penn State email account in your web browser or on a mobile device.
Directions for signing into the Zoom application using a Penn State ID.
Software installed on the PRI Windows application server and lab computers.
Information about Penn State Sponsored Accounts and how to request one.
IT tasks to perform before separation.