In order to use University owned IT equipment (desktop, laptop, monitor, etc.) outside of the University, you must first complete a Request for Authorization to use University Tangible Assets at a Non-University Location form.

Form Instructions:

  1. Download a copy of the above form.
  2. Open the form with Adobe Acrobat DC (part of the University Creative Cloud license).
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Employee Name
    2. PSU-ID with your 9 number (found on your PSU ID card or by logging into WorkDay and going to Personal Information > About Me > Overview.).
    3. Office Phone # if applicable or cell number if working remotely
    4. Dept. NameĀ  (ex. CMFR, PRI, SLEIC, SRC, SSRI, etc.)
    5. Dept. Address
    6. Item description(s) (ex. 15" Dell laptop and power cord, 22" Dell monitor, etc.)
    7. Check the box for description of how items will be used (Research, Instruction, etc.)
    8. Tangible Asset Locations - From with the current location of the equipment (ex. PRI, 817 Oswald Tower, University Park)
    9. Tangible Asset Locations - To with the new off campus location of the equipment (ex. Bob's home, 123 Main St, Bellefonte, PA 16823)
    10. Transfer Period From - with the date the item is signed out
    11. Transfer Period To - with the date the item will be returned, if known
    12. Requesting Employee's Signature
      1. At the top of the Acrobat window click on the "View" menu.
      2. Mouse over to "Tools".
      3. Go down to "Fill & Sign".
      4. Click on "Open".
        Screenshot showing the menu as described.
      5. Click on the option for "Fill and Sign".
        Screenshot of the Fill and Sign option.
      6. At the top of the document click on "Sign".
      7. Select an existing signature or choose "Add Signature".
        Screenshot of the Sign button and Add Signature option.
      8. Type your name or click on "Draw" to draw your signature with a mouse. Then click "Apply".
        Screenshot of the dialog box to type your name/signature.
      9. Click on the signature line of the form to place your signature. Drag it or adjust the font size as necessary.
    13. The "Date" field next to your signature with today's date. (You may use Fill & Sign for the date as well if you want it to look handwritten.)
  4. Save the PDF.
  5. Attach the saved PDF to an email and send it to your department's helpdesk along with a short explanation of your request.