SSRI IT installs Zoom on all SSRI computers. If you need to install Zoom on a personal computer or mobile device, go to and download the Zoom Client for Meetings (Windows or MacOS) or Zoom Mobile Apps (App Store and Google Play).

  1. Open up the Zoom application on your computer.
    • In Windows, go to the Start menu, Zoom folder, and then click on the Zoom icon.
      Screenshot showing the Zoom application in the list of installed applications in the Windows Start menu.
    • In MacOS, go to Finder, the Applications folder, and then click on
      Screenshot of the Zoom application in the Applications folder in MacOS.
  2. If you are not signed into the Zoom application, follow the instructions here. Once you are signed into Zoom, you will see a window similar to the below image.
    Screenshot of the main Zoom window after login.
  3. To Schedule a future or recurring meeting click on the Schedule button.
    Screenshot of the Schedule button in the application.
    1. Give the meeting a name, select the date and start time, and set the duration (Windows) or end date and time (macOS).
    2. Check the box next to "Recurring meeting" if the meeting will reoccur.
    3. Uncheck the box next to "Require meeting password" to disable participants needing a password to enter the meeting. (All Penn State Zoom meetings require a password by default.) You can also set a custom password here.
      Screenshots of schedule meeting dialog box on both PC and Mac.
    4. If desired, click on "Advanced Options" for more meeting options.
      Screenshot of the advanced options when scheduling a meeting.
  4. To start a previously scheduled meeting, click on the Start button next to the meeting on the right side of the screen. You may also click on the "..." for more options.
    creenshot of a previously scheduled meeting on the main Zoom window and its options.
  5. To start a new, unscheduled meeting click on the New Meeting button from the main Zoom window.
    Screenshot of the New Meeting button in the application.
    1. Click on the drop down arrow next to New Meeting for additional options such as using your Personal Meeting ID or editing your Personal Meeting settings.
      Screenshot of the New Meeting options shown expanded.
  6. To join someone else's Zoom meeting click on the Join button from the main Zoom window.
    Screenshot of the Join Meeting button in the application.
    1. Enter the Zoom meeting ID and your name when prompted.
    2. Enter the meeting password if prompted.
      Screenshot of the Join Meeting dialog box.
  7. Click on "Join with computer audio" if you are joining from a computer.
    Screenshot of the Join Audio dialog box within a meeting.
  8. Use the controls at the bottom of the screen, if available, to mute or unmute your microphone, start or stop your video, chat with meeting participants, and more.
    Screenshot of the meeting window with the described controls at the bottom.
  9. Once the meeting is over, click on End Meeting or Leave Meeting. If you are the meeting host, you may leave the meeting or end the meeting for all participants.
    Screenshot of the End Meeting dialog box.
  10. For more advanced instructions for Zoom meetings, visit…