If you are a Population Research Institute faculty affiliate or graduate student, you have access to our applications server. This server provide access to expensive licensed programs that you would otherwise have to purchase to use. (If you will be using a program on a daily basis we request you purchase a license and we will install that program on your workstation.) The server can also be used to access your network drives.


  1. Open Applications from Finder > Go > Applications (or hold Command + Shift + A).
  2. Find the orange icon labeled "Microsoft Remote Desktop" and double-click on it.
    Screenshot of the Microsoft Remote Desktop application in the Applications window.
  3. If you already have a connection for s6-athens.ad.psu.edu, skip to Step 7.
  4. Within Microsoft Remote Desktop, click on the "Add PC" button or on the "+" button at the top and select "Desktop" from the drop-down.
    Screenshot of the Microsoft Remote Desktop window with the Add Desktop button.
  5. In "PC name" type s6-athens.ad.psu.edu. In "Friendly Name" type Athens.
    Mac RDP Picture 1
  6. Click the "Display" tab in the middle of the window next to "General".
    Mac RDP Picture 2
    1. Change Color quality to "Medium (16 bit)".
    2. You may also want to uncheck the boxes next to "Use all monitors" and "Start session in full screen".
    3. Click the "Add" button at the bottom to save the connection.
  7. Double-click on s6-athens.ad.psu.edu or Athens.
    Mac RDP Picture 3
  8. If you see a message about the identity of the remote PC, check the box next to "Don't ask again for this PC" and click "Connect".
    Screenshot of the error message.
  9. Login by typing your username in the form of "PSU\userid" and your PSU Access Account password. Then hit enter or click on "Continue".
    Screenshot of the username and password prompt with the username in the format as described.
  • IMPORTANT: When you are finished, on the SERVER:
    1. Click on the Start Menu.
    2. Click on the icon on the left side that looks like a person.
    3. Select "Sign out".
      Screenshot demonstrating the proper way to sign out.
  • Do NOT select "Disconnect" or just click the X in the floating blue bar at the top of the screen. Unless you sign out, your session will remain active.