Overview of PRI Services

PSU Computing Services

Penn State Information Technology Services provides all faculty, staff and students with services such as:

For more information and support for those services visit http://its.psu.edu or contact helpdesk[at]psu[dot]edu

PRI Computing Services

As a research associate, affiliate, trainee or staff member of the Population Research Institute you are eligible for additional services beyond what is provided by Penn State, including:
  • Access to the Windows and Linux PRI networks
  • Access to a wide variety of software packages on our Linux and Windows applications servers from your personal computer 
  • Storage space for individuals and project teams
  • Support & training from PRI's staff 
  • Access to the 806 Oswald computer lab
  • Access to hundreds of datasets for population studies in our archive
Faculty are eligible for additional services including:
  • Setup and support for research computing equipment 
  • Hiring of Data, Programming, Statistical and Geospatial specialists 

Using the PRI 806 Oswald Computer Lab

The Lab is available for anyone who has a PRI Windows Account. Here, you can view all of the Software Available on PRI Networks and Lab Policies pertaining to PRI's Computer Lab.