This is an introduction to the computer lab in Room 806 Oswald.

Covid-19 Update:

  • The PRI computer lab in 806 Oswald Tower is open for limited, by appointment-only use.
  • If you would like to make an appointment to use the lab, please send an email to
  • After your ticket is received, we will schedule a short zoom training session to go over the procedure for using the lab and schedule your time for using the computer lab.

Access policy

  • Any PRI affiliate is eligible to have the keyless lock activated with their PSU ID.
  • The Administrative Core Staff will be able to assist you.

Door Locking Policy

  • Room 806 is under the supervision of the Computer Core Staff from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM.
  • The Computer Core staff will open and close the room at these times.
  • Key holders are in charge of locking the room at all other times!


  • Software available in the 806 lab.

Food and Drinks

  • While not prohibited, please be careful with food and drinks.
  • Please place drinks on the floor rather than on the tables, to avoid spilling into keyboards.


  • You are encouraged to try to resolve printer problems yourself. The Computer Core staff is not always around or available during problems.
    1. When a printer jams, first take the printer offline.
    2. Next remove all obstructing paper from the feeder path and load the new paper properly.
    3. Form feed a couple pages through to test the paper feeding and align the print head a half-inch or so below the next perforation. Do not touch the print head, it can be extremely hot.
    4. Make sure all the covers are closed and guide trays replaced before turning the printer back online.
  • If a printer is printing poorly or is out of paper, please see a Computer Core staff person to load new paper. (The paper closet is kept locked to keep paper from disappearing.)
  • If the printer does not print, make sure the printer is on-line.
    • There is a "select" or "online" light on the line printers that should be lit.
    • For the laser printer, there is an amber "On Line" light.
  • If the printer still does not print, please send e-mail to and describe the problem. Be sure to tell exactly which printer is having problems.

Locking Screens

  • The lab is a public lab.
  • If you are going to be away from the workstation you are logged into for more than an hour, log off.
  • Locking your screen for more than an hour may result in you being forcibly logged off, especially if the lab is busy.

Priority of use

  1. PRI sponsored class
  2. Demography student use
  3. PRI research project use
  4. PRI visitors
  5. guest account use (non-demography students)