How to connect to the Penn State VPN on a Mac in order to access resources from home.
If you need to install the VPN on a personal computer, you may download the latest version at

  1. The GlobalProtect globe icon will appear in the top menu bar. Click on the icon to open the VPN client.
  2. If it asks for a portal address, type "". Click on "Connect".
    Screenshot of the GlobalProtect window and connect button.
  3. Wait for a 2FA window to open. Authenticate using your PSU username and password.
  4. You may also see a window for Microsoft Office 365 Authentication. If so, follow the prompts.
  5. Once you have successfully connected, the globe icon will gain a small shield.
  6. To disconnect, click on the globe icon and click "Disconnect".
    Screenshot of the GlobalProtect window and disconnect button.
  7. If you recently connected to the VPN, you may not need to authenticate. If it has been a while, you will be asked to authenticate again.