1. Qualtrics - login to Qualtrics http://pennstate.qualtrics.com/.
    1. To view the owner of a survey, go to "Projects".
      1. Choose the collapsed view by clicking on the second button next to "All Folders".
      2. If "Owner" is not displayed as a category, click on the three dots to the right of "Actions" and select "Owner".
        Screen capture depicting the locations of the described buttons and menus.
    2. Note any surveys that you own that should be transferred to someone else.
      1. Notify IT of the exact survey name and the name of the person that should receive it.
    3. Remove any surveys that you do not own from your account.
      1. Click on the down arrow to the right of the survey.
      2. Click on "Remove Shared Project". (The survey will disappear from your account, but it will not be deleted from any other accounts that have access to it.)
  2. UMGs - login to https://accounts.psu.edu/.
    1. Scroll down the page and click on "User Managed Groups".
      Screenshot of the options on the Accounts page, including "User Managed Groups".
    2. Notify IT with the exact names of any groups that do not start with "psu." and what your role in each of those groups is.
      Screenshot showing how the list of UMGs looks.
  3. Do NOT delete any files from your computer. Do make your files accessible to your team (on OneDrive, file server, etc.)
  4. Coordinate the return of your computer and other equipment (chargers, flash drives, etc.) with IT.