Using the UCS Shared Calendars

You will receive an email when you are added to the shared calendars. The email must be opened in the UCS web browser to accept the share.

Click on the Accept Share button to add the calendar to your list of UCS calendars. The email will be automatically deleted once you successfully accept the share.

The shared calendars can be customized from the Calendar tab of the UCS web browser. To customize your calendars, right-click on a calendar and choose Edit Properties. You may choose a name and color for each calendar. These changes will only affect your instance of the calendars.

You can create a meeting by clicking on New Appointment at the top of the Calendar tab or by clicking on an empty time slot. 

From the QuickAdd Appointment window, you can click on More Details.... to go to the advanced appointment options.

Be sure to choose the correct calendar from the drop down list by Calendar in the QuickAdd Appointment window or Display: Busy in the advanced options. If you leave it as Calendar, the meeting will only be created on your personal UCS calendar.

Do not book conference rooms by using the Location field. They must be booked with the Calendar selection.

If you would like a reminder alert for a meeting, you can create a duplicate meeting on your personal calendar. Alternatively, the meeting creator can list themselves and others as Attendees. Listing yourself as an Attendee will automatically place a tentative meeting on your personal calendar, as well as the conference room calendar.