1. In a web browser, navigate to https://clearinghouse.as.me/.
  2. Select the length of time that best matches how long you want to reserve a desk.
    Screenshot of the scheduling page, showing options for length of time.
    • You can add additional increments of the selected time if needed (see below, ex. add additional hours to the 1-hour reservation).
    • You can repeat the reservation if needed (see below).
  3. Select a desk to reserve.
    Screenshot showing a list of possible desk spaces to reserve.
  4. Select a date/start time for your reservation of the selected desk.
    Screenshot showing a view of a work week and possible start times to choose.
    • The end time will be set based on the length of time that you initially chose.
    • If a specific date or time is not listed, the selected desk is not available for that date/time.
      • You can go back up and select a different desk or length of time if needed.
      • If you change the length of time, you will need to reselect a desk.
      • If you change the desk, you will need to reselect any dates/times.
    • The longer the length of time, the less start times are shown. For example, an eight-hour reservation will show a maximum of six start times per day because a later start time would extend the reservation past the end of normal business hours.
      Screenshot showing limited start times for an eight hour reservation.
  5. Once you select a time, choose either “Continue”, “Add Time”, or “Recurring”.
    Screenshot showing a selected time with the options "Continue", "Add Time", and "Recurring".
    • If you “Add Time”, you can only add time in your chosen increments. For example, you cannot add a one-hour reservation to a four-hour reservation using this method.
    • If you choose “Recurring”, select how often and how many times from the options shown.
      Screenshot of a recurring reservation, showing the options to repeat every Friday and repeat 24 times.
  6. Once you have selected the day(s)/time(s), enter your name, email address, and optionally a cell phone number. Then click “Complete Appointment”
    Screenshot showing fields to enter name, email, and phone number to complete a reservation.
    • You will receive confirmation and reminders of your desk reservation at the email address that you enter.
    • If you enter a phone number, you will also receive text message reminders.
  7. A confirmation message will be displayed.
    Screenshot showing confirmation of a reservation, with links to add to calendar, create an account, and a QR code.
    • You can use the add to calendar links to add the reservation to your calendar.
    • You can register for an account to save your information and easily manage all your reservations in one place.
    • You can use the QR code to get the Acuity Scheduling Client mobile app for your smart phone.
  8. You will also receive a confirmation email.
    Screenshot of a reservation confirmation email, showing the desk, date, and time with links to change or cancel and add to calendar.
    • You can use the links to change or cancel your reservation or add it to your calendar.
    • You can also click on the attachment to add it to your calendar.