Connecting to PRI Application Servers from Mac OS X

If you are a Population Research Institute "POP Account" holder, you have access to our applications servers.  They are named Moscow and Kiev.  These servers provide access to expensive licensed programs that you would otherwise have to purchase to use.  (If you will be using a program on a daily basis we request you purchase a license and we will install that program on your workstation.)  The servers can also be used to change your POP Account password and access your network drives.


  • If you are not connecting from a computer in Oswald Tower, you must first sign in to the Penn State VPN. Instructions for configuring and connecting to the VPN on your Mac can be found in this ITS Knowledge Base article.  Remember, any time you are connecting to Moscow or Kiev, you must first connect to the Penn State VPN.
  • If not already installed, you must download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac.

Once installed, you will find the Microsoft Remote Desktop software in the Applications folder:

  • Click Go on the Finder menu bar -> Applications (or hold Command + Shift + A)
  • From the Applications list, find and double-click Remote Desktop Connection

Once the application opens, you'll need to set up the connection to Moscow or Kiev:

  • Click 'New' to create a new connection
  • In the Edit Remote Desktops window, enter the following info:
    • Connection Name: Shorthand name, anything easy to remember (such as Moscow or Kiev)
    • PC Name: or
    • User name: Enter your user name in the form  Or, if you POP account has not yet been converted to use your PSU Access Account ID, enter POP\userid.
  • Close the Edit Remote Desktops window, and you should now see the connected listed.  Double-click that connection.
  • If you recieve a warning about an Untrusted Connection, click 'Connect Always'
  • You should now see the remote desktop, and be able to click on your username.
  • You will now be promted to enter your Penn State Access ID Password (if you logged in with, or your POP account password (if you logged in with POP\userid).
  • You are now logged into the server.

IMPORTANT: When you are finished, on the SERVER go to: Start Menu > Log Off. Do NOT select "Disconnect" or just click the X in the floating blue bar at the top of the screen. Unless you log off, your session will remain active.