Change Expired POP Account Password on a Clearinghouse Mac

If you are outside of the office, you must first connect to the VPN. Instructions for connecting to the VPN on a Mac can be found at this help article.

These instructions only apply to Clearinghouse Macs. You may use either Austin or Madrid. Madrid looks more like Windows 7.

  1. Open Applications.
  2. Find the orange icon labeled Microsoft Remote Desktop and double-click on it.

  3. If you already have a connection for, skip to Step 8.
  4. Within Microsoft Remote Desktop, click on the + above New.

  5. In PC name type
  6. Change Colors to "High Color (16 bit)". You may also want to uncheck the box next to "Use all monitors".

  7. Click the small red circle in the top left corner to save the connection.
  8. Under the heading My Desktops select

  9. Click the arrow above "Start" or double-click on
  10. If you see a message about an untrusted connection, click the button to "Connect Always".
  11. You will now see a user agreement. Read the agreement. Click OK to accept and continue to the login screen.
  12. Enter your POP account username and expired password. Then click the arrow to the right of the password box or hit enter to login.
  13. After your account logs in, it will prompt you to change your expired password. Enter a new password and confirm it. See the criteria for passwords below. (If you are ahead of the game and your password has not fully expired yet, complete the login, press the following keys at the same time: Fn + Control + Option + Delete, and then choose "Change a password" from the menu shown.)
  14. Do not close the window. You must sign out, or your account will stay logged in on the server. Find and click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to open the Start menu.
  15. Click on your name in the top right corner and select "Sign out" from the drop-down.
  16. Connect to Spokane using your POP account and the new password.


The criteria for passwords are:

  • At least 7 characters long
  • May not contain your user name or any part of your full name
  • Windows will not let you reuse your last 5 passwords.
  • Must contain characters from at least 3 of these categories
    • Upper case A-Z
    • Lower case a-z
    • Symbols and punctuation
    • Numbers 0-9