Accessing SodaPop via SMB in Windows

In addition to the SodaPop website at, the public data sets that PRI maintains are also available on PRI computers via network share.  This allows you to access the entire data sets from a mapped drive in Windows for use in desktop statistical applications.

NOTE: The following instructions apply only to computers on the PRI network within Oswald Tower.  Users on external networks elsewhere on campus or at home must use the SodaPop web interface at

  • Click the Start button, then 'Computer' from the Start menu.
  • Select 'Map network drive' from the top bar of the 'Computer' window.
  • In the 'Map Network Drive' window:
    • Select a "Drive:" letter.  This can be any unused drive letter, such as "S:"
    • For the "Folder:", type \\\sas_data
    • Click 'Finish'
  • You should now see the drive letter you mapped in the 'Computer' window under 'Network Locations'.  This folder will contain all of public data sets organized by name.

You can also access the associated codebooks by following the same steps as above, but using a different "Drive:" letter, and specifying \\\codebooks for the "Folder:"

Finally, instead of mapping these network locations to Drive letters, you can also directly browse them by clicking the Start button, and typing in \\\ in the 'Search programs and files' box.